Monday, September 02, 2013

My Breakfast

Drop your shrink, and stop your drinkin'
Crunchy granola's neat
"Crunchy Granola Suite," Neil Diamond

I've been eating this breakfast for several years, the same breakfast most mornings: granola (purists may describe it as muesli) from Tesco Lotus, blueberry yogurt, and a cut-up Fuji apple drowned in milk (usually low fat), accompanied by a cup of drip coffee (Tesco's Arabica Royal). An hour earlier, I greet the dawn with a glass of orange juice.

Some mornings my lovely wife makes me American Breakfast No. 1, a cheese omelet with toast (occasionally French toast). My American Breakfast No. 2 which I make consists of 2 soft boiled eggs mixed with pieces of buttered (fake) toast.

For any searchers who stumble across this blog, these are my new minimal life posts. Hopefully they will deepen as I become accustomed to blogging on an iPad Mini.

But maybe not.

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Sam said...

Have you tried mixing your own muesli? It's fun and cheaper.