Sunday, September 01, 2013

Bus Stop

We have a refurbished bus stop by our condo. One morning the old one had been brutally demolished. A couple of mornings later this new one with comfortable seats (the old version had benches) took its place. Bangkok must have roving teams for this kind if work. The bus stop up the street was also renewed and one across the highway got a face lift two weeks ago.

While chaotic and overblown, Bangkok takes care of its people, even when floods, like the one two years ago, make life difficult for many. A few months ago new trash cans sprouted like mushrooms all over the city. At night piles of trash accumulate that miraculously disappear. I hesitate to imagine where it all goes.

Very few western expats or tourists take the bus. Learning the routes of buses with few signs in English takes hard work. Some of the older vehicles are pretty well trashed and traffic is unpredictable and time consuming. Most foreigners stick to the flashy Skytrain and the neighborhoods it serves.

I love traveling by bus even when delays are frustrating. People watching is fascinating and I learn more about Thai ways and customs from watching the passengers act and react than I would reading books or strolling through super malls.

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