Sunday, July 19, 2009

70 Years: My Life

Born July 19, 1939, Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A.

Graduated, John Muir High School, Pasadena, California, June 1957

Music Daze, 1970-1975

Santa Cruz, 1975-2007

Graduated with Ph.d in environmental history, UC Santa Cruz, 2002

My children: Luke, Chris, Nicky, Molly

Travels in the Americas, Europe, India & SE Asia, 2004 to now

July 19, 2009, Thailand

Writing, reading, talking, thinking, making love,
praying, teaching, living: And so it goes...


Anonymous said...

You don't look a day over 69.

Happy Birthday, Pop.


littlebang said...

You look like Richard Dawkins in the Santa pic.
Happy B'day.

hobby said...

Thanks for sharing - Happy Birthday.

Hazel said...

I like that music daze shot. And thank you for sharing the PhD graduation photo. That's an encouragement to someone who is getting anxious thinking it's sooo late for her to do her PhD. Many happy returns! I appreciate what I'm learning from your blog.

Unknown said...

Thanks. I really enjoyed the pictorial. I think my favorite part was the hippy daddy pics. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday young man!

Roxanne said...


A very Happy Birthday!

I think I like the last photograph best--you look healthy, strong and happy.

Take care,

Barb said...

I love the pictures. I think of all the people visiting your blog I have know you the longest. I remember the La Canada Jr. High picture and it sure brought back memories of he Friday night Youth House dances. How did we survive all these years??? I know with all my misadventures I should never have made it past 30. But here I am with you at 70. Let's try for 80. Happy Birthday again, Bill-aka-Will. I love you forever.

Janet Brown said...

Great photos--love the transformation from All-American cover boy to All-American rocker dude--cute guy, Dr. Will!

Sylvia Deck said...

From first photo to last, your light shines. Happy Birthday, Willie! You're amazing.
Sylvia and Jerry

Dr. Will said...

Thank you, my friends. This was the best birthday ever.