Thursday, January 10, 2008

Videos From India

Here are four videos from my trip to Shantivanam in Tamil Nadu, India, that I have put up on YouTube. I apologize for the quality; they were taken with my Nikkon digital camera.

The first was shot at Christmas Eve mass in the new (hopefully temporary) chapel at the Catholic ashram. The room was filled with parishioners from the nearby village of Tannirpalli and you can hear them singing in Tamil.

The second was taken during one of Br. Martin's 4 o'clock talks. It gives you a flavor of the way he teaches. You'll find more about him in previous and future postings.

The next videos were taken by Michael Giddings when we attended a celebration of Tamil men preparing to go on the Ayyappan pilgrimage the following week.

You can also look at a collection of my photos of pilgrims in India on one of my flickr pages.

This will be the last posting for at least I week. I am leaving on a train for Surin this morning to attend the wedding of Jerry's wife's son in a small village. It should be quite an experience.

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