Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bush Cartooned

The current issues of The Nation and Rolling Stone both feature cartoons of El Presidente Bush by New York artist Robert Grossman.

I doubt that the editors of the two publications are very happy about running the same caricature, albeit in different poses, at the same time. But it's a double dipper for fans of artistic buffoonery. The theme is similar: Bush is a dunce.

I wonder, though, whether this widely held opinion (on the left, at least) is true. Is George W. stupid? Or is he rather street-smart and shrewd, attributes his detractors would deny? Can someone really become the most powerful person in the world with the brain of a turkey (those birds famed for drinking the rain until they drown)? Only the most extreme conspiracy theorist would argue thus. Bush may be floated by Rove, Cheney and the Neocons, but he steers the ship. Who knows what evil genes his father bequeathed him. But the combination has produced a monaster, a true believer with the power to destroy the earth.

God help us.

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